Hotline Numbers
TdsPac & SalTds 022-40557033
PayPac 022-40557044
FAMS 022-40557055
eTdsDNF 022-40557070
eTdsWizard 022-40557077
Board 022-40557000





We are obsessed about customer support and are proud in giving one of the most dependable product support which we constantly strive to improve it further.
Our support executives are friendly, knowledgeable and keep themselves  regularly updated with our in-house training programs.

Get the best with our support resources. Connect with our well qualified support team via Telephone and Email, view online documentation etc.


  • Telephonic support is handled by a 30 Line call centre.
  • All calls are monitored for quality.
  • Almost 90% of support calls are resolved through telephone instantly.
  • Telephonic Support is provided free of cost during the first year of purchase.
  • Contact Customer Support :
  • Available Monday-Friday 9.00AM to 7.00PM
  • You can also avail support through Email.  Responses to Email take a max of 2 Hours.
Remote Support
  • We provide remote support through web based tools Team Viewer
File Upload
  • Wherever a file is required for support purpose, we have provided a reliable web based tool for uploading the file.
  • This helps in overcoming problems faced in attaching files with emails.
  • We follow strict confidentiality in dealing with customer files and the same is never used for any purpose other than the support issue.
List of Holidays for Year 2015
No. Date Occasion Days
1. 26/01/2015 Republic Day Monday
2. 06/03/2015 Holi (2nd Day) Friday
3. 03/04/2015 Good Friday Friday
4. 01/05/2015 Maharashtra Din Friday
5. 15/08/2015 Independence Day Saturday
6. 17/09/2015 Ganesha Chaturthi Thursday
7. 25/09/2015 Bakri Id (Id-Ul-Zua) Friday
8. 02/10/2015 Gandhi Jayanthi Friday
9. 22/10/2015 Dasara Thursday
10. 11/11/2015 Diwali Amavasya Wednesday
11. 25/12/2015 Christmas Day Friday